Next VDMA webtalk to cover fiber recycling in spinning

Posted January 14, 2021


FRANKFURT – The next VDMA technology webtalk, “Material Efficiency and Fiber Recycling in Textile Spinning: Approaches for Circular Economy,” is scheduled for January 21 from 8 a.m.-10 a.m. EST.


Meet the growing demand for sustainable textile products and create attractive business models. Experts will give you an overview of the recycling processes that can turn old clothes into high-quality yarns and fabrics.

Dr. Bettina TemathTruetzschler Group will demonstrate how production waste from spinning preparation can be recycled. She will also present solutions to process recycled fibers made from postconsumer textile waste and explain how the best possible quality can be achieved.

Title of the presentation: “From Waste to Value: Recycling Processes in Spinning Preparation”


René BuckenSaurer Group: "The use of regenerated fibers increases the share of short fibres in the sliver, which tends to decrease spinning mill efficiency. Saurer offers solutions for different materials and fibre compositions in order to optimize spinning for all kinds of fibres."

Title of the presentation: “Efficiency in Spinning Regenerated Fiber”

Michael Wolfimat-uve imat, will show, using a specific project as an example, how high-quality yarns can be developed and produced from old clothing using blended fibers.

Title of the presentation: “New Life for Old Clothes – Mixed Fiber Recycling for High Demands”


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Source: VDMA

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