World Congress on Textile Coating highlights sustainability, technology

Posted March 4, 2021

Speakers and delegates gathered online for the first edition of the World Congress on Textile Coating on February 11-12 and February 18-19.

The presentations given over the four days highlighted the drive for individual, cost-effective and sustainable products while reducing consumption of water, chemicals and energy. Due to the pandemic, there was an entire session dedicated to developments in durable environmentally friendly coatings that can bind to substrates for anti-biocidal performance textiles.

One such presentation was delivered by Professor Seamus Curran of the University of Houston on hydrophobic coatings for filter systems to prevent indoor transmission of COVID-19 using natural desiccation. Prof. Curran explained that a virus-laden droplet is electrostatically attracted to a filter, becomes entangled and then starts to dry out, peel away and disappear, without the use of detergents or chemicals to kill the virus.

The coating provides an environment for the virus to naturally desiccate after 30 minutes using green technology. Existing filter systems can be coated so there is no increase in capital investment.

Other presentations highlighted how new technology promises to substantially reduce the environmental impact of textile dyeing and finishing, as well as the introduction of new materials into the textile coating, surface modification and laminating sector, such as using silicones, dry powder impregnation and digital spraying with near-infrared drying technology.

Participants agreed that WCTC offered valuable and interesting content and praised the high quality of the individual presentations in a well-structured program, giving kudos to organizers for putting on a great event under the current circumstances.

Organized by International Newsletters Ltd., the conference chair was industry specialist Adrian Wilson.

Lamberti SpA, imogo AB, ANCI SAS and WEKO were event sponsors.

For the full program, speakers and attending companies visit


Source: International Newsletters

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