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Accelerating Circularity report plots circular textile-to-textile systems

Posted March 25, 2021


Accelerating Circularity, Inc. released a Modeling and Linking Report proposing links and material flows in a circular textile-to-textile system.


Building on the organization’s 2020 research on spent textiles, collectors, sorters, preprocessors and recyclers that showed opportunities and gaps, this report illustrates models that will be tested in forthcoming Circular Textile System Trials.


According to Karla Magruder, founder and president, “The future of circular textile-to-textiles systems must start now. Our models include both old and new system actors to support the transition to robust circularity.”


To frame these models, Accelerating Circularity proposes a textile use case hierarchy that emphasizes maximizing a material’s environmental and economic value and demonstrates the need to develop quality feedstocks for mechanical and chemical recycling technologies. The group then presents material sorting matrices to facilitate that development.

Next the group shows new links that will be formed among various nodes in the system and models circular textile material flows from the perspectives of multiple system participants. 


Finally, the group demonstrates how these models might function in the real world by tracing the stories of specific hypothetical circular products.

The report acts as a framework for the Circular Textile System Trials that the organization will launch this spring. Read the full report and learn more about the System Trials here.


Accelerating Circularity is a collaborative industry project developed to accelerate the textile industry’s move from linear to circular. It was founded in 2019 with a mission to establish systems that will use the embedded value and resources in existing textiles for new products, reducing the millions of tons of textile waste annually going into landfills and thereby supporting the reduction of the industry’s GHG emissions.

Source: Accelerating Circularity

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