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Tech guru Cavano ‘chips’ in insights on fast-changing advancements

Posted April 8, 2021


Technology guru Kurt Cavano, CEO of Nimblymade.com and founder of TradeCard/GT Nexus, the largest supply chain platform in the world used by the apparel industry, presented his latest updates on fast-changing technological trends and their possibilities during today’s America’s Apparel Producers’ Network (AAPN) Industry Insights web event.


Early in his presentation, “Disruptopia,” he showed Gordon Moore’s original chart laying out the American engineer’s numerical prediction from 1959 for the future of the silicon microchip – the biggest driver of these accelerated technology changes, Cavano said. Moore’s Law, as the theory was later dubbed, forecast that the number of transistors per silicon chip would double every 12-18 months.


“And this has been true every year since 1959, although we now are starting to hit what's called the 10 Nanometer Barrier,” Cavano said. “You can only put the transistors closer and closer and closer together, but at some point, you can't get them any closer.”


He added that 10 nanometers is 10 billionth of a meter and, to put that in perspective, he held up a sheet of printer paper that is 100,000 nanometers thick. “So at some point the laws of physics will prevent us from getting them any closer, and we're getting very close to that right now.”


Cavano then asked: What is humanity doing with all of this computer power? Other than serving the purpose of creating TikTok videos, supercomputers are being used in many sciences, including life sciences, which led to the development of messenger RNA vaccines for COVID-19 and likely other viruses.


He then went over many other advancements brought forth by the microchip, including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, 5G, self-driving and electric vehicles, robotics, blockchain, etc., how these technologies are changing the world, future expectations and how various companies are using and elevating these platforms to “eat the world.”


“And it’s all because of this little square of silicon (computer chip),” he concluded, “and it continues to go fast, it continues to be exciting, it continues to bring opportunity and it continues to be scary.”


Watch a recording of Cavano's presentation here.


– Devin Steele

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