Made-in-USA BlocAid™ gloves are antibacterial, made in USA

Posted April 15, 2020


BlocAid™ Gloves are specially designed and engineered with EcoZinc™, which is directly embedded and extruded into the recycled poly blend fiber to inhibit the growth and spread of harmful microbes. BlocAid™ seamless knit gloves are touch-screen compatible and are developed and manufactured in the US.


By following established guidelines of wearing a mask, social distancing, avoidance of crowds and washing of hands during this pandemic protection can have a positive impact for each other.


Wearing BlocAid antibacterial gloves in association with above protocols can help to add an additional layer of protection where the spread surface contamination can occur as we circulate more and more.


These gloves are multi use and can be washed many times through their life cycle and maintain effectiveness.


They are touch screen enabled and compatible with phones, tablets, laptops and other touch enabled devices negating the need to take gloves on and off.


These gloves have also been tested and proven to exceed UPF 50+. In fact, they have tested to be more than 90% effective in blocking harmful UV rays.


BlocAid™ gloves are ideal for medical workers and healthcare providers during the current COVID-19 pandemic. BlocAid™ gloves add an additional level of protection to a person’s daily routine while offering the advantage of being more environmentally conscious.


In addition to the critical shortage of PPE that comes and goes, the mass quantity of discarded PPE and latex gloves poses an environmental hazard. BlocAid hopes to address the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ease demand for medical grade latex gloves by providing an alternative antimicrobial solution that is reusable, washable and self-cleaning for everyday workers and consumers. 


EcoZinc™ is incorporated into the fiber through an extruded yarn manufacturing process that gives BlocAid™ gloves self-cleaning properties and that enables the gloves to be reused and washed multiple times without losing efficacy. Zinc is Generally Regarded as Safe,or “GRAS,” by the FDA. It can safely applied topically and can even be ingested. The gloves are protective on all levels and are rated UPF 50+ (with an actual rating of 99.996% UVA / UVB 100% protection) daily usage.


Source: GHS Holdings

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