Two Hornwood partners use the company’s fabric to protect themselves from COVID-19.

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Hornwood President Wesley Horne and his father, CEO Chuck Horne, stand in front of a photo of Ken Horne, Chuck Horne’s and a co-founder of Hornwood.

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Two Hornwood partners use the company’s fabric to protect themselves from COVID-19.

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Hornwood supplying numerous PPE products to medical industry, public

Posted April 23, 2020


By Devin Steele (


Hornwood, a Lilesville, N.C.-based vertical manufacturer of warp and circular knitted fabrics, is supplying numerous products to the medical industry to help mitigate COVID-19, said Hornwood President Wesley Horne.


The company is supplying the medical industry bandage material, masks and gowns. It also is supplying disposable masks to non-healthcare citizens around the USA

Founded in 1946, Hornwood has been a fabric supplier to the medical industry for decades. However, it recently developed two fabrics to be used as masks for all departments in the healthcare industry. Speed to market is essential right now, and it is developing fabrics to help mitigate COVID-19 on a weekly basis, Horne said.


“A tremendous amount of pressure and opportunity has been unloaded on the textile industry simultaneously during the first quarter of 2020,” he said. “Ultimately, we had to determine the necessary steps we needed to take to be able to supply as much top-quality fabric as we could to those in need. It is very humbling to manufacture fabrics to help the dedicated citizens that are working tirelessly to fight this virus.”


The company has remained fully staffed with “partners” – the word it calls its employees – during the pandemic, running three shifts per day, five days per week. Hornwood also has engaged with customers and suppliers both upstream and downstream to make this work, he added.


“It is safe to say that all Hornwood partners are very humbled to help mitigate the spreading of COVID-19,” Horne said. “Supplying top-quality fabric that has the ability to potentially save a life of a medical professional is very humbling, and we are very thankful for this opportunity. This is a very ominous time for the USA and we are thankful for every order we get.”


Horne added that participating in this effort gives him a “humbling” feeling.


“We are eager and willing to supply more fabric to help save lives,” he said. “This is an awful virus and we want to be part of the mitigation process.”

Horne noted that while the company has engineered fabrics that are effective and sustainable, it does take into consideration the urgency of each order it receives. Performance, quality, and speed to market have been their main focus, he added.


“Our goal is to help save as many lives as possible,” he said. “We understand that this virus is extremely dangerous and we want to do our part and provide the brave citizens in the medical industry with protective fabrics they can rely on. Furthermore, we want everyone to realize the importance of PPE and the significant impact it can have on the effort of slowing the spread of COVID-19.”


Hornwood’s manufacturing processes include warping, knitting, dyeing, finishing, face finishing and inspection, along with a fully functional color development and physical testing lab. The company thrives on driving innovation and creating value for all customers, particularly during this crisis, Horne said.


“We are eager and willing to supply protective fabrics to those in need,” he said. “Hornwood is committed to doing all we can to supply top-quality fabrics to those who need it most. We also want to thank each and every medical professional putting their life on the line each day. We are humbled to manufacture protective textiles for you to wear during the fight of this virus.”

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