Cleveland Clinic turns to Apex to quickly develop face masks

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Posted May 7, 2020


INWOOD, N.Y. – At the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, when hospitals and healthcare professionals were scrambling for personal protective equipment, the Cleveland Clinic, one of the premiere medical facilities in the country, turned to Apex Mills to quickly develop a large quantity of washable, reusable general use masks for their administrative and non-medical professionals.


Apex focused its efforts on addressing each of their needs and quickly developed a durable, high-quality 3-dimensional spacer fabric with a breathable face, densely constructed back layer and an entanglement of high filament yarns in the middle for enhanced filtration. The company added a tightly knit liner fabric for extra protection and comfort and came up with a technically engineered, highly effective mask.


Its customer was so satisfied with the mask’s features, including exceptional fit, comfortable placement of the elastic head strap and general softness of the fabric, that they committed to return to Apex for additional masks indicating that its were the best they’ve seen in the market, and that’s after sourcing from 12 different suppliers, according to Apex.


With quick turn-around and delivery, professionals at the Cleveland Clinic now have the much-needed protection they require, enabling them to focus on helping the public.


Mask program expanded


Having been recognized by the Cleveland Clinic for being nimble and proactive, Apex Mills decided that the best way to help during this time of crisis was to pivot its production to mask making. Expanding Apex’s mask offerings, its mills are currently busy making 3D spacer fabric, soft breathable solid tricot and stretch polyester for protective masks and gaiters.


Its general-purpose masks are designed with a dome shape, patterned after the N95 respirator, which allow the wearer to speak and breathe easily. As businesses prepare to reopen, there is a tremendous need for masks to keep employees safe while still performing and communicating effectively. Apex’s masks are currently available for pre-order, with shipments starting in mid-May.


The masks are made with a 3D spacer fabric and a pocketed lining for the option of added filter insert. All fabric components are made in the U.S. and finished with antimicrobial and moisture management treatments, including a durable water repellent finish on the outer surface. They are reusable and machine washable and have an adjustable head strap for a custom fit.


“Our company has been committed to solving problems for over 75 years,” said Jonathan Kurz, President and CEO of Apex Mills. “During this pandemic, when manufacturers are being called upon to pivot production and make equipment that is most needed in the marketplace, we are committed to help. The unity and ‘can-do’ attitude from our team along with the cooperation we’ve received from our development and manufacturing partners is truly heartwarming. We are grateful to all involved for coming together so quickly and sharing their expertise. It’s an honor to be part of an industry that can support and serve the public.”


Source: Apex Mills

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