Jordan Schindler (R), Nufabrx CEO, presenting face masks to a National Guardsman

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Members of the D.C. National Guard

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Jordan Schindler (R), Nufabrx CEO, presenting face masks to a National Guardsman

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Nufabrx ships 250,000 face masks via National Guard Black Hawks


Posted May 7, 2020


ASHEBORO, N.C. – The D.C. National Guard recently ordered Black Hawk helicopters to the Asheboro Regional Airport to transport 250,000 PPE masks that were manufactured by the local North Carolina company.


Nufabrx®, a proprietary biomaterial company that seamlessly embeds active ingredients including vitamins, supplements and medications into fabrics, in partnership with Bossong Medical, has recently shifted production for a new line of reusable copper medical masks called TheraMasks. These masks are powered by CuTEC copper, a material that is known to be naturally antibacterial. Further talks are ongoing to partner with local D.C. small businesses to support the production effort.


These medical masks are designed to help reduce the spread of germs through the natural benefits of copper; the fabric helps create a healthier environment for the wearer and reduce facial contamination. The products are durable enough to be machine washed and dried for 30 washes.


TheraMasks are environmentally friendly and are not intended to be thrown away daily like disposable masks. Products have been tested for antibacterial (AATCC 100) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE); all data is available to the public online.


The District of Columbia National Guard was activated by the D.C. Mayor, the Hon. Muriel Bowser, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This mission exemplifies the preparedness and quick response of the DCNG to provide vital supplies and equipment needed during these trying times. 


Prior to delivering to D.C.’s National Guard, Nufabrx had already begun delivering to first responders, law enforcement, emergency and medical support teams in Washington D.C.  Every minute matters to those on the front line.


“Our heroes on the frontlines are risking their lives for us, the least we can do is make sure they are adequately protected” said Jordan Schindler, Nufabrx CEO. “We are grateful that we are able to provide PPE to those that need them, and that our government is choosing to support small businesses and made in America in this difficult time.”


Numerous jobs have been saved and countless more brought back as a result of this effort.


Products can be purchased online at Nufabrx is continuing to prioritize distribution to healthcare workers and first responders.


Founded in 2011 and based in Conover, N.C., Nufabrx® was created by Schindler after discovering his pillowcase was contributing to his acne. Teaming up with MIT scientists and DoD funding, Schindler spent seven years developing proprietary technology to embed active ingredients into clothing to make medicinal application easier and more efficient. As a way to help our healthcare workers, reusable copper medical masks were a natural transition.


Source: Nufabrx

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