Tukatech helps Levi’s largest knit supplier expands capacity

Posted May 19, 2021


LAHORE, Pakistan – Pakistan-based Combined Fabrics Ltd., the largest supplier of knit garments to Levi’s, is expanding its cutting capacity by adding a third Tukatech automatic high-ply fabric cutter.


TUKAcut 9.0 is from the line of ECO award-winning cutters that meet the requirements of apparel, PPE and uniform manufacturers in the Industry 4.0 era. The latest model for most productivity with “zero buffers, cutting 9cm high compressed fabrics, and has been awarded most “eco-friendly” for energy consumption (k/w/hour used). This is a big deal, especially in countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and even parts of the United States where electricity costs of factories can be extremely high when running multiple shifts and demand for faster production is required.


“We saw how TUKA cutting room solutions reduced 80% of our staff in cutting room, improved our quality and eliminated useless steps. We really are a very happy users of TUKAcadTUKA3D, CutPlanning, SMARTmark, automatic high-ply fabric cutter and spreader, and unit production systems. We have almost everything TUKA offers and we are adding more systems only because we have seen the results,” said Sheikh Tariq Mehmood, director of Combined Fabrics. “We were automated with other CAD, spreading and cutting systems. We know automation and we REPLACED ALL other so-called ‘automatic’ systems with Tukatech, became better friends, and continue to add more of their technology because we TRUST THEM.”


Combined Fabrics is a totally vertical company from yarns, to thread, to fabric, to garments, to finishing and dyeing, and it even makes its own buttons and other trims. It started its partnership back in 2018 when Tukatech first visited their facility in Lahore, Pakistan. Tukatech founder Ram Sareen pinpointed inefficiencies within their cutting room operations.


“When Mr. Ram came to us and he saw what we were doing, and how we were doing it, he opened our eyes to what we were doing wrong,” said Atif Shaik, director, Combined Fabrics.


Without implementing any systems at first and with guidance from Tukatech, Combined Fabrics saw a 7% fabric savings, immediate improvements and cost savings. With TUKA systems, Combined Fabrics saw its consumption reduce from 12%-14% per garment.


Combined Fabrics Limited is a WRAP Certified vertically integrated knit apparel manufacturing facility founded in 1990.


Source: Tukatech

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