BMT’s PPE face mask fabric passes FDA test with 99.9 percent filtration score


Posted June 4, 2020


NEW YORK – BMT Fibers announced that its BMT VirusGuard NanoScreen™ Advanced Grade PPE Filtration Fabric has passed FDA laboratory approved testing and certification for Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) with a result of 99.9 percent.


Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) testing is conducted in compliance with ASTM F2101 and is executed under Standard Test Protocol STP0007 Rev 16. Testing is performed in compliance with US FDA good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211, and 820.


BMT engineered its NanoScreen™ Advanced Grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mask filtration fabric to meet rigid ASTM compliance standards for our hospital / healthcare / government market segment.


The ASTM F2101 VFE qualification is the specific ASTM test that measures VFE. There are only 2 FDA certified test labs in the USA that are authorized to conduct ASTM test procedures for these products.  The BMT test result was the top score possible at 99.9 percent.


With this ASTM qualification, BMT’s product line of NanoScreen™ PPE filtration fabrics for producers of reusable face masks will now include a genuine ASTM certified product with viral filtration performance designed to meet the protective & functional breathability demands of working people on the move.  


BMT VirusGuard PPE filtration fabrics are suitable for mask applications in most market segments, including broad market home & lifestyle / workplace / institutional / educational / government & military / aviation / transportation & maritime as well as hospital / healthcare / nursing home and other emergency management market segments.


Different from non-sustainable, disposable nonwovens masks, BMT NanoScreen™ Advanced Grade PPE filtration fabric is one of the only ASTM VFE certified reusable PPE mask fabrics available in north America. Masks made with BMT VirusGuard products are reusable and washable and can be issued to staff, rotated across the employee work week, or they can be worn and washed daily.


The company’s aim is to reduce employee dependence on non-sustainable, single-use disposable masks and emergency fabric masks that may lack satisfactory protective filtration performance.


By using NanoScreen™ certified fabrics to make quality reusable masks, BMT’s clients are producing PPE mask products that are durable and that help reduce the landfill waste associated with single-use disposable masks.


BMT VirusGuard products are packed on rolls and ready for mask fabrication using automated ultrasonic welding systems or conventional cut & sew. They are available in black or white color options.


Source: BMT Fibers

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