Emtec Electronic to showcase softness analyzer at #TTNA21

Posted June 23, 2021


LEIPZIG, Germany – Innovation in textiles and nonwovens is revving up to top gear as industry experts continue to develop new materials and production technologies at a rapid pace. 


Gathering under the fitting theme “Accelerating Technology,” industry professionals again have the opportunity to meet in person to present the latest in research and technology at the 2021 Techtextil North America event in Raleigh, N.C., August 23-25.


Emtec Electronic GmbH – one of the leading producers of specialized electronic measuring equipment for textiles, nonwovens, paper and board — will take part in the event. Located in Booth 1933, directly across from the Textile Care Pavilion, representatives from the German-based company will be available to give demonstrations on the TSA and answer questions about the device.


As the industry becomes more technologically competitive, textile manufacturers are on the lookout for ways to save time and resources and still deliver a consistent quality.  


“When you’re a manufacturer coming up with new fabrics or new materials, you often need very specialized testing equipment to measure different parameters, and you want results that are as objective as possible,” said Emtec Global Marketing and Business Manager Alexander Gruener. “For measuring things like tactile sensation, such as how soft and smooth something feels, it’s a bit trickier without the right equipment. This has traditionally meant using hand-panels, which are time-consuming and often highly subjective.”


Using a sound spectrum analysis and tiny, rotating paddles, the Tactile Sensation Analyzer bypasses this challenge by simulating the corpuscles of the human hand that are responsible for haptic sensation, such as detecting softness, smoothness, and stiffness.


At the event, Emtec representatives will demonstrate how the unique design of the TSA device enables it to differentiate between three different parameters and arrive at a numeric value for a sample’s hand-feel based on softness, smoothness and stiffness. In addition, the exhibit will illustrate current applications for use in production, including R&D, process and product optimization, quality assurance, troubleshooting, and benchmarking. 


Source: Emtec Electronic

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