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Rhino Medical Supply to distribute America Knits/Field to Closet scrubs

Posted July 1, 2021


Field to Closet’s vision of providing 100 percent Deltapine® cotton medical scrubs crafted with cotton grown in Georgia and created in an end-to-end U.S. supply chain, took a giant step forward with the announcement Rhino Medical Supply is joining as the exclusive distributor.


“We are thrilled to announce an alliance with Rhino Medical Supply as the distributor of our cotton scrubs,” said Ed Jernigan, founder and CEO of Field to Closet. “Rhino Medical’s focus on sustainable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, along with their emphasis on philanthropy and diversity initiatives, pairs perfectly with our scrubs program. It is truly a perfect union of businesses with similar visions.”


The Cotton Project utilizes Georgia-grown cotton from Deltapine® seed to reshore American manufacturing by revitalizing an end-to-end U.S. supply chain. The initiative establishes a Farmer GiveBack program to address a fundamental issue in the garment industry, which typically sees the brand or end seller with the most significant profit. The GiveBack program recognizes the rebirth of a robust cotton garment industry isn't possible without the grower; therefore, this initiative is designed to ensure the grower is included financially by sharing in the profit of the goods sold.


“Rhino Medical Supply seeks companies and products that align with our corporate citizenship commitments, including giving back to others, using renewable resources, and encouraging inclusion,” said Lance Brown, CEO. “Our organization is proud to work with Field to Closet and America Knits to distribute these 100 percent Deltapine cotton medical scrubs.”


To support Georgia and all U.S. cotton farmers, Field to Closet, America Knits, Deltapine® seed, Helena® Agri-Enterprises, LLC, Nutrien AgSolutions®, Georgia's Rural Center and HomeTown Health partnered to bring to life an end-to-end U.S. supply chain using cotton and supporting healthcare workers. In addition, this project shines a spotlight on the textile and manufacturing opportunities available in the U.S. using cotton grown in America.

The Field to Closet 100% Cotton medical scrub is treated with the latest technology, PROTX2®AV which is a metal free, medical grade anti-viral, anti-bacteria, and anti-odor treatment that kills the virus or bacteria within 10 minutes (or less) of contact. This is the first surgical scrub made from 100% cotton that has been treated with this technology.


Lance Brown of Rhino Medical calls the technology a “game changer” for the U.S. medical industry in its fight to prevent another pandemic outbreak.


“We are thrilled to partner with Field and Closet to introduce the first OR scrubs powered by PROTX2®AV technology. This is a key step in breaking the chain of infection and provides healthcare professionals with a new line of defense in infection prevention,” added Giancarlo Beevis, president and CEO of Intelligent Fabric Technologies, North America.


PROTX2®AV has been proven to deactivate 99.9% of SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in 10 minutes as well as Hospital Associated Infections (HAI), both viruses and bacteria. In addition, the scrub is made completely in the USA with a transparent supply chain which assures the safety and quality of the product. U.S. companies additionally benefit by avoiding the cost and delays being experienced with global shipping


“Partnering with Rhino Medical Supply means our scrubs will be available to hospitals and other healthcare facilities from coast-to-coast,” said Steve Hawkins, president of America Knits. “This partnership matches perfectly with our focus on providing prosperity for rural, smaller communities, and creating quality, environmentally sustainable products in the United States.”


To wrap up the initiative’s kick off, 15 rural Georgia hospitals will receive medical cotton scrubs at no cost this summer, including Brooks County Hospital, Burke Medical Center, Crisp Regional Medical Center, Colquitt Regional Medical Center, East Georgia Regional Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center, Irwin County Hospital, Jeff Davis Hospital, Jenkins County Medical, LifeBrite Community Hospital of Early, Memorial Hospital and Manor, Mitchell County Hospital, SGMC Berrien Campus, Southwell Medical and Taylor Regional Hospital.


The initiative's partnerships demonstrate creating a 100 percent U.S. supply chain and crafting products from U.S. grown Deltapine cotton is an idea rapidly gaining momentum. The domino effect, resulting in higher cotton need and demand, fair compensation for farmer's sustainability efforts, and a positive light on an all U.S., end-to-end supply chain, will have positive ripple effects across many industries and communities.  The overarching vision is for this initiative to serve as an inspiring example of the possibility and profitability for re-shoring American manufacturing and create a long-lasting impact on rural communities.


For more information about this project or to order the scrubs in bulk, go to

Rhino Medical Supply


To learn more about this initiative’s strategic partners, please use the links below:


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