Accelerating Circularity releases scale report, seeks trial partners

Posted July 29, 2021


Accelerating Circularity, Inc. released plans for U.S. trials of commercial scale textile-to-textile systems in its latest report, “Putting Textiles to Good Use.”


The report concisely presents the rationale and goals for the trials, including ambitious content minimums of 40% recycled blends and 20% post-consumer inputs for all trials. In response to stakeholder demand, the report also lays out the role, benefits and responsibilities of each prospective participant. 


The group proposes specific trials targeting post-industrial and post-consumer feedstocks, mechanical and chemical recycling technologies, recycled cotton, polyester and manmade cellulosic fibers, and several finished product categories. These serve as a starting point for Trial Partner collaboration within the project that will generate multiple circular textile products at mass retail scale.


Brand and retail partners have the option to buy-in at several stages in the process to maximize the potential for the circular fibers to be plugged into existing commercial supply chains. Several major brands and supply chain partners – including those on Accelerating Circularity’s U.S. Steering Committee – have already opted into the project.


“Architect and engineer Buckminster Fuller gave us this piece of advice, ‘To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete,’ ” said U.S. Project Manager Janel Twogood. “The fashion and textile industry is embracing historic commitments. Accelerating Circularity is facilitating the engagement of an entire supply chain system to design nothing short of a new model, one that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. The time is right for a systems approach to measure what we can do now and what needs to be built to meet our obligations.”


Read the full report here and register to become a Trial Partner.


Accelerating Circularity is a collaborative industry project developed to accelerate the textile industry’s move from linear to circular. It was founded in 2019 with a mission to establish systems that will use the embedded value and resources in existing textiles for new products, reducing the millions of tons of textile waste annually going into landfills and thereby supporting the reduction of the industry’s GHG emissions.


Source: Accelerating Circularity

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