Shamron Mills buys Hinson & Hale Medical Technologies Plant in N.C.

Posted August 19, 2021


WILKESBORO, N.C. – Shamron Mills, a Troy, N.Y.-based garments and textile company, has purchased Wilkesboro-based Hinson & Hale Medical Technologies plant to create Shamron Manufacturing.


The two companies have had a relationship since 2014, when Hinson & Hale began manufacturing medical garments for Shamron Mills. Shamron Manufacturing’s 43,000-square-foot plant is located at 1208 Industrial Park Road in Wilkesboro, N.C.


Shamron Mills focuses on custom orders, from fabric procurement to garment finishing. The majority of its products are manufactured in the U.S. Since 1983, it has served customers in healthcare, energy, research, military, government and industry. Increased demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic challenged Shamron Mills to consider expanding into overseeing its own U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities to meet market demand. The acquisition of the Wilkesboro plant provides a talented workforce and equipment that will strengthen Shamron Mills’ position in the marketplace.


“I purchased the Wilkesboro manufacturing plant to create a more vertical company,” said Ronnye B. Shamam, president of Shamron Mills LLC and owner of Shamron Manufacturing. “This acquisition allows Shamron Mills to better serve its customers in the variety of textile products they need and to ensure that the manufacturing of these products stays in the United States. We will be able to utilize our skilled workforce and build upon that talent, allowing us to have more control over products and relieve supply chain issues when purchasing from overseas.


“Many of our components are no longer manufactured in the U.S. and have to be imported, primarily from China. Importing delays can affect my production, and ultimately, my end users,” Shamam added. “By keeping as much of our supply chain domestic as we can, it not only creates a smooth manufacturing process, it also contributes to the country’s economy.”


Shamron Mills sells its products to distributors and other manufacturers. These products include medical scrubs, operating gowns, patient pajamas, examination gowns, hyperbaric garments, wrappers, draw sheets and standard and custom-sized drapes with specific openings used in operating rooms.


All of the products stand up to the requirements of industrial laundries and the high temperatures used for sterilization. The purchase of Hinson & Hale will allow Shamron to own its textile production operation using the specialized manufacturing expertise of the current local workforce with the hopes of expanding that workforce and providing training in the near future.


Wilkesboro Mayor Mike Inscore expressed his gratitude and support to Shamam for her willingness and desire to maintain the facility and workforce.


“How fortunate we are to receive this good news. Our council and staff pledge to assist and support her during the transition while establishing an open line of communication,” said Mayor Inscore.


Wilkes Economic Development Corporation assisted Shamam, beginning in March and throughout her consideration of purchase.


“It has been a pleasure to get to know Ronnye and be a resource to her throughout the acquisition process. Next, we will assist Shamron Manufacturing with its goal to add to its workforce by connecting our local education and workforce partners for support in attracting local talent and exploring training options,” added LeeAnn Nixon, president of the Wilkes EDC. 


“As a woman-owned business entrepreneur in the textile industry, Ronnye has dedicated her career to empowering and encouraging others to be successful. We welcome Shamron Manufacturing to Wilkesboro and are grateful for its investment in our people,” Nixon said. 


The purchase of Hinson & Hale’s manufacturing plant was finalized on July 22. Shamron Manufacturing said it is delighted to keep the current management team and its 30 employees in place and seeks to add additional production talent. In addition to the Shamron Mills products, Shamron Manufacturing also plans to offer cutting and sewing services for other companies. 


In addition to sewing services, Shamron Manufacturing has two Lectra cutters and tables that accommodate rolls up to 120" wide. The company said it can handle wide rolls up to 250 yards. There is currently open cutting time with quick turnaround. 


Source: Shamron Manufacturing

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