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Erhardt+Leimer delivering total control in textile manufacturing


“Unlike our contemporaries that offer products capable of enhancing a single manufacturing process, we provide a complete solution for all the manufacturing needs of our clients within the textile industry.”

Todd Guzzardo

President, Erhardt+Leimer


Posted September 2, 2020


DUNCAN, S.C. – A manufacturer’s ability to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products is continually tested by technological advancements and skyrocketing market demands.


In the textile manufacturing sector, for instance, companies rely on next-gen automation and inspection hardware and software offerings to cope with the surge in their customer requirements. Consequently, these manufacturers are expected to steer away from data complexities and operational inefficiencies that eventually lead to subpar quality and delays in the delivery of end-products.


Erhardt+Leimer – a pioneer of industrial automation – addresses the aforementioned challenges through a holistic approach to process control, customer engagement and production automation within the textile manufacturing industry.


“Unlike our contemporaries that offer products capable of enhancing a single manufacturing process, we provide a complete solution for all the manufacturing needs of our clients within the textile industry,” said Todd Guzzardo, president at Erhardt+Leimer.


Erhardt+Leimer’s portfolio can be categorized into two major sections – namely, automation and inspection. Under its wide range of offerings, Erhardt+Leimer has put together a web guiding/spreading systems, supported by infrared, optical and full-width sensors that can detect even the smallest deformities in the manufacturing line and the end-product.


The textile guiding systems also boasts Digital Controller’s with Ethernet connection and actuator that provide users with unprecedented control over their automation processes.


Erhardt+Leimer also offers a web-spreading/width-control systems that are backed by the same technology and Ethernet-based connectivity as its web guiding system.


“Our ability to offer users web management capabilities through our Ethernet controller is what sets us apart from our contemporaries,” Guzzardo said.


Also, as a complement to the guiding and spreading systems, E+L offers a full range of pick counting and straightening systems to identify warping as well as thread-stitch density. With today’s manufacturers increasing demands in terms of production speeds quality must be ensured, while the number of rejects and machine down time must be kept to a minimum as well.


Founded in 1919, the company boasts unmatched expertise in providing process control equipment to multiple industry sectors such as tire and rubber, textile, converting, printing, corrugating, among others. The company’s customer engagement methodology plays a massive role in its success.


At the commencement of an engagement, Erhardt+Leimer’s direct sales team gathers necessary information pertaining to a client’s business prerequisites and provides critical insights on the same to the company’s highly competent development team. Following this, the development team chooses the product that is best suited to the customer’s needs and builds complementary software geared to enhance the implementation of the said products.


With such unparalleled capabilities, Erhardt+Leimer has built a global operational footprint and partner network, which extends to 19 different countries and 100 offices across the world.


“Our global footprint allows us to assist clients and ensure the timely delivery of our equipment regardless of their location,” Guzzardo said.


With its comprehensive coverage and innovative approach to product development, Erhardt+Leimer has expanded its market share sevenfold in the last five years, consistently backed by its customer support team that serves clients 24/7.


Moving ahead, the company is planning to launch its platform to assist manufacturers in connecting all the deployments within their production line and build a manufacturing environment that is in lockstep with the Industry 4.0.


“Through, we aspire to empower clients in gaining total control of implementations beyond their inspection processes and ensure continuous delivery of superior products,” Guzzardo said.


Source: Erhardt+Leimer

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