Players Vonn Bell, Mackensie Alexander and Xavier Rhodes, along with The Cut CEO Brad Cutler (second from left).

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Featured models at a recent Guild photoshoot wearing new, unreleased merch for NFL players. The photoshoot was held at the Minneapolis institute of Art and Design Studios and coordinated by interns at the school.

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Players Vonn Bell, Mackensie Alexander and Xavier Rhodes, along with The Cut CEO Brad Cutler (second from left).

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Guild Apparel partners with sports marketing agency

Posted October 21, 2021


ST. CLOUD, Minn. – With the NFL season back in full swing, so too is the lesser seen side of the professional sports industry: sports marketing agencies.


Responsible for the goings on of athletes contracted under them, agencies handle the representation of their clients, in a variety of different forms. From merchandise to endorsement opportunities, and many things in between, it could be said that an agency has the potential to elevate an athlete’s career to unforeseen heights. Few agencies illustrate this fact better than The Cut Agency, led by Brad Cutler.


Founded in 2018, The Cut is a multi-purpose marketing agency that partners with both athletes and general entertainment influencers to create campaigns centered around their interests and fields. Cutler brings over a decade of experience with the NBA, including even an operations internship with the Washington Wizards alongside Michael Jordan, and uses that knowledge to better work with their clients.


“It really helped me focus and home in on creating organic matches for the athlete,” Cutler said.


This can typically take on a few different forms, according to Cutler. The agency will typically try and find out what particular campaign the client is interested in pursuing, and then work from there to develop it based on their interest. Citing examples of recent signings, campaigns could take the form of being primarily focused on fashion and apparel, in which case The Cut reaches out to companies like Guild Apparel to provide said merchandise. The standard for working with The Cut, however, is a high one.


Cutler described the process of selecting providers for campaigns as a relatively straightforward one.


“We look for ... perfectionists, well-oiled machines that are extremely easy to work with, as well as organized and creative,” he said.


This high standard reflects the mission of the company, to reach that next level for each client’s brand. Cutler cited the partnership with Guild Apparel as an example of the quality of work the Cut seeks from their partnerships, with Guild founder King Mukherjee and the graphic design work of the digital marketing team providing the effective communication and quality they look for. However, as did many other aspects of the world of sports, this usual process was hit hard by COVID-19.


“Everything became social media driven,” Cutler recalled.


With the virus making public appearances and even normal things like commercial shoots unsafe or at the least not feasible, The Cut had to instead turn their focus towards making athletes into a sort of influencer on their own. Though this originally was an attempted workaround to the virus, it appeared to be beneficial beyond safety reasons for athletes.


“They became a lot more comfortable in their own skin,” said Cutler, as the athletes were given a new degree of independence with which to directly interact with their audience.


Beyond COVID-19, the biggest challenge for entrepreneurships like The Cut remains the simple question of “why you?”


Any prospective athlete faces prospective agents with that question, but Cutler is confident that The Cut’s work speaks for itself. With over 90 athletes represented since its inception in October 2018 and the magnitude of various marketing opportunities executed by their clients, The Cut has flown past many milestones already and, true to their ambition, are even still seeking new methods with which to go beyond their current accomplishments.


What exactly that entails remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say that whatever it is will be the same cutting-edge standard the company holds itself to every season.


Source: Guild Apparel

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