Bolger & O’Hearn to highlight fluorine-free water repellent

Posted October 23, 2021


FALL RIVER, Mass. – Bolger and O’Hearn announced that it has introduced Shell-Tech Free, an advanced, premium-performance, fluorine-free durable water repellent that provides the same repellency, wash durability and run ability as a quality C-6.


A versatile DWR that can be used on a wide variety of end products, Shell-Tech Free has also been engineered for sustainability and easy application at the mill.


Additional information about this breakthrough technology will be available at IFAI Expo, set for November 2 to 4 (Booth A1114) in the Advanced Textiles section of the show at Music City Center in Nashville, Tenn.


Fabrics finished with Shell-Tech Free are resistant to water, stains from soda, wine, sports drinks, mud, fruit juices and syrups and are durable up to 50 launderings and several dry cleanings. In many cases, repellency will last the life of a treated article. At the same time, Shell-Tech Free will not change or interfere with an article’s natural hand, drape, breathability or comfort.

Shell-Tech Free is the ideal DWR for a wide variety of end products, including medical wear & PPE, workwear, athleisure apparel, hats, gloves, socks, tarpaulins, boat covers, awnings, tents and more.


In addition, Shell-Tech Free is water-based, highly biodegradable and recyclable and doesn’t contain fluorine, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) or PFAs, and doesn’t emit dangerous off-gasses and is manufactured using solar energy in a bluesign-accredited facility.


“The industry is steadily shifting to more sustainable options for repellents and other finishing solutions,” said Shawn Honeycutt, Sales and Marketing manager at B&O. “Shell-Tech Free was developed to meet that need and fits the bill for an eco-friendly, high-performance water repellent that gives finishers a drop-in replacement for conventional systems.”


At the mill, Shell-Tech Free can be applied at lower finish add-on levels compared to competing fluorine-free repellents. This produces repellent fabrics with significantly reduced mark-off issues. The lower finish add-on also reduces color change and hand stiffening, plus tolerates non-uniform fabric preparation and doesn’t require high temperatures for application.


Meanwhile, lower temperature curing preserves fabric properties such as color, hand and dimensional stability. It can also be applied successfully over fabrics that have received sub-optimal cleaning. While many fluorine-free DWR products demand scrupulous pre-cleaning before finishing to achieve high repellency, Shell-Tech Free can tolerate less rigorous cleaning and still perform at a high level.


“Shell-Tech Free represents another step by our company to provide the textile industry with products that are both highly effective and kind to the environment,” Honeycutt said. “Consumers are asking for both and we are committed to helping our customers meet that demand."


Source: Bolger & O’Hearn

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