Jay Todd, CEO of Service Thread

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Jay Todd, CEO of Service Thread

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Service Thread invests in XORELLA machine, installed by SYMTECH, Inc.

Posted November 10, 2021


Service Thread, based in Laurinburg, N.C., designs, develops and manufactures a wide variety of industrial yarn and thread products solutions for manufacturers in thermoplastic hose, fiber optic wire and cable, textile bag and synthetic web sling industries.


With vast experience dating back to the company’s founding in 1949, Service Thread’s processing expertise has evolved with synthetic yarn revolution of polyester, nylon, para-aramids, UHMPE and LCP fibers. Service Thread purchases and maintains the most advanced textile processing equipment available with twisting, winding, and single end yarn treating among the capabilities provided to manufacturing customers.


XORELLA, founded more than 50 years ago in Switzerland and a current member of CHTC Fong’s International Group, has received overwhelming response from customers around the world for the superior design, performance and reliability of XORELLA conditioning and heat-setting machines. The vessels ensure best results at lowest possible energy consumption.


In the U.S., XORELLA is represented by SYMTECH, Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.. There is also a well-trained local service technician available.


Service Thread signed for a small XORELLA machine in early 2020. The machine arrived in August 2020 and was installed and commissioned by SYMTECH’s local technician.


After more than one year of operation it is time to discuss the results. As such, Klaus Kriesche, manager at XORELLA, speaks with Neal Fournier, Facilities & Maintenance manager of Service Thread.


Kriesche: Neal, which type of equipment did you use before and what was the reason to buy XORELLA?


Fournier: We used an H-W conditioner manufactured in 1987. Several reasons were considered for the purchase of a new XORELLA. Some key points were the previous equipment had long conditioning times at high temperatures for several of our yarn products. These factors generated a high operating cost. Technical support along with replacement parts were very hard to obtain from H-W. XORELLA offers faster operating cycles which saves us both time and money every day.


Kriesche: What was your experience with delivery, installation and commissioning during the pandemic?


Fournier: An onsite visit from SYMTECH’s XORELLA technician before the arrival of the machine helped us to have all prep work completed and the area ready for installation. When the equipment arrived the installation took only a couple of days, and the machine was up and running.


Kriesche: How would you rate XORELLA’s After Sales Support?


Fournier: Direct contact with XORELLA’s great support team was available from day one. Questions and issues are easily solved with a phone call or video chat. There is no long lag time in receiving support.


Kriesche: Which advantages does the XO process offer to Service Thread?


Fournier: Just to name a few: Faster cycle times, less space consumption, much higher flexibility, lower energy cost, deeper penetration due to vacuum, no long heated drying cycles and self-diagnostic visual touch screen.


Kriesche: We’re glad to hear that you are very satisfied with XORELLA. Any final remarks from your side?


Fournier: The XORELLA has been a great addition to our manufacturing process. I wish we would have purchased it sooner.


Kriesche: Thanks a lot Neal. All the best wishes and never hesitate to ask us for any support you may require.



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