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GHS Holdings offers U.S.-made, antibacterial, seamless gloves

Posted December 16, 2020


BETHEL, Conn. – GHS Holdings announced that charcoal gloves have arrived and ready to ship.


BlocAid™ Gloves with Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Barrier Technology. BlocAid™ Gloves are specially designed and engineered with EcoZinc™, which is directly embedded and extruded into the recycled poly blend fiber to inhibit the growth and spread of harmful microbes. BlocAid™ seamless knit gloves are touch screen compatible and are developed and manufactured in the USA.


BlocAid Gloves hopes to address the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ease demand for medical grade latex gloves by providing an alternative antimicrobial solution for everyday workers and consumers.


BlocAid™ gloves are ideal for use during the current COVID-19 pandemic: from commuting to work, handling package deliveries, for school age children on buses or navigating hygiene protocols in classrooms and workplaces. BlocAid™ gloves add an additional level of protection to a person’s daily routine while offering the advantage of being more environmentally conscious. 


For founder Gary Schloss, CEO of GHS Holdings, the hopes are "that by providing a washable, reuseable glove, to help prevent the spread of harmful diseases, we can lessen the environmental impact of disposable PPE products where they are not essential for daily use.(EMT, medical surgeries etc.)"


EcoZinc™ is incorporated into the fiber through an extruded yarn manufacturing process that gives BlocAid™ gloves self-cleaning properties and that enable the gloves to be re-used and washed multiple times without losing efficacy. Zinc is “Generally Regarded as Safe” – GRAS by the FDA, can be ingested, and safely applied topically. The gloves are protective on all levels and are rated UPF 50+ (with an actual rating of 99.996% UVA / UVB 100% protection) daily usage.


GHS Holdings aims to reach its customers through B2B and retail channels as well as offering their product Direct to Consumers via their website


Source: GHS Holdings

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