The partners after signing: (L-R) Falk Mehlhorn (Cetex), Florian Mitzscherlich (The FilamentFactory), Matthias Hess (The FilamentFactory), Sebastian Nendel (Cetex), Yasar Kiray (The Filament Factory), Sebastian Iwan (thermoPre ENGINEERING GmbH), and Sven P. Fritz (The FilamentFactory)

Cetex, partners to develop, produce novel hybrid rovings

Posted November 11, 2020


The Cetex Institut gGmbH, the thermoPre ENGINEERING GmbH and The FilamentFactory GmbH announced a cooperatation in the development, production and marketing of novel hybrid materials.


The cooperation agreement, signed in Chemnitz, takes collaboration to a new level.


"We are pleased to be able to supply the hybrid rovings to the end user, not only in an application-specific manner, but also to offer the engineering for subsequent component applications, including the prototyping of the FRP components," said Sebastian Nendel, managing director of Cetex. 


Patented process


In the last three years the Cetex Institute has developed a plant technology for the production of hybrid rovings. By means of the patented process, different material combinations can be produced according to customer specifications.


Material combinations of reinforcing fibers (glass, basalt, carbon, aramid or high-strength polymer fibers) can be combined with matrix fibers (PP, PET, PA, PPS, PEEK), but also special combinations of different reinforcing fibers or the combination of reinforcing fibers with metal fibers.


Advantages of the new hybrid roving are the torsion-free and completely stretched fiber layer and the associated optimal utilization of the properties of the reinforcing fibers, as well as a very good homogeneity, whereby excellent processing can be achieved in later process steps.


Series production as next step


The next goal is clearly defined: Under the agreement, the process is to be jointly developed further by the project partners and transferred to series production. These joint activities form the basis for many years of intensive cooperation in this new field.


Cetex is the application-oriented research institute for new technologies and machines for the production of technical textiles, textile-based semi-finished products, functional components and high-performance structures. 


The FilamentFactory has been producing high-tenacity multifilament yarns in Bad Hersfeld (formerly Hoechst / Performance Fibers / Durafiber) since 1966. As one of the market leaders in this field, The FilamentFactory repositioned itself strategically and organizationally at the end of 2017 and now operates as an independent company.


The thermoPre ENGINEERING GmbH is a young development-oriented company with the focus on engineering and support in the field of fiber composites in high volume applications. Thereby


Source: Cetex Institut gGmbH

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Hybrid roving

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