BRUSSELS – EDANA launched the program of the International Nonwovens Symposium, to be held in Lyon, France, on June 8-9.


Twenty-six speakers will share their expertise covering a range of nonwovens topics across all type of applications with a predominant emphasis on sustainability and how nonwovens contribute to a better world.

The program will kick off with a keynote speech by European Bioplastics’ vice chair, Mariagiovanna Vetere.

“Producers of all nonwoven applications are looking for more sustainable solutions: Through improved production, product design and innovative materials. European Bioplastics is glad to be able to contribute to enhancing the sustainability profile of nonwovens,” Vetere said.

The outlook on the bioplastic market data is followed by a session on sustainability, including sustainable design of absorbent hygiene products. Continuing with raw materials, the symposium will feature innovations such as antimicrobial polymers, new latex binders, bast fibers and PHA.


The second keynote will open day 2: Carsten Beck, director of Research & Futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. He will shed light on how consumers are shaping the future:

“Global consumer trends revolving around sustainability and health are increasing in importance,” he said. “As we look towards the next ten years, behavioural changes as well as technological developments will allow consumers to implement health and sustainability as key parameters in their consumption and customer journey. Increased transparency and the fight to gain trust will be equally important components in attracting the consumer of the future.”

This will set the scene for a session covering nonwovens for a better world: Nonwovens applications for batteries, oil absorbency and biofouling prevention. Machinery developments will close the programme with innovations covering online measurements, hydrocharging equipments, optical surface inspection and in-line wire belt cleaning.

The EDANA team hopes to see you in Lyon, France, to enjoy the best forum worldwide for knowledge enhancement with excellent technical content. The tabletop exhibition organised during the event is also a great opportunity for participants to extend their network and develop business contacts.

For full program information including presentation highlights, conference and hotel registrations, please click here.

Source: EDANA

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